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Helion Ventures GT (GreenTech) is regulated by the IFZA and aims to invest in infrastructure projects that are leading the way in environmentally sustainable technologies. Our investments objectives focus on infrastructure projects that have significant potential for growth and impact in the green technology space.

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Helion Ventures GT product is specifically tailored for green technology projects that have high growth potential and huge impact. By leveraging our unique partnerships with regulatories and well-known companies, we are able to provide unparallel access to these exclusive investment opportunities.


Helion Ventures GT is driven by a strong commitment to invest in sustainable technology and its products to pave the way for a better future. Its main focus is to serve as a co-investor in infrastructure projects within the MENA region that support carbon credits, battery & solar developing, Hydrogen energies, and green transportation. Through this approach, Helion Ventures not only generates returns for its investors, but also contributes to the reduction of carbon footprint in the World. With a selected equity investment plan that spans 5-8 years, Helion Ventures offers investors a long-term perspective for sustainable returns.

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How we do it

Helion Ventures conducts a very extensive due diligence in which all aspects are included. This includes not only the identification of risks and taking preventive measures, but mainly the correct assessment of long-term opportunities and their economic significance. During the evaluation we can rely on an extensive network of partners and specialists to minimize risks and exploit opportunities.

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